1. Pink backpack tote by memake. Pink cotton, denim straps, vintage fabric handles. Handmade fashion.

  2. Backpack tote by memake Yellow cotton, denim straps and vintage floral fabric handles - perfect for summer.

  3. Read a book cushion - one of a kind handmade embroidered pillow cover by memake

  4. Recycled denim tote bag with colourful ribbons by memake

  5. Typewriter Notes - Lovely postcard set featuring cover photo by me!  Jane Bernstein of  Typescale and memake

    (via Typewriter Notes — UPPERCASE)

  6. Typography tote bag in orange and black with hand printed Helvetica numbers fabric by memake. Details here

  7. Neon yellow and grey Etsy collection featuring knit and leather bag by memake. details here

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  9. Linen tote with emerald green hand knit pockets and green leather handles by memake, More details here


  10. Including sapphire, black and gold cushion by memake

  11. Hello! Ribbon lettering typography embroidery yellow cushion cover by memake

  12. Cute things Etsy collection featuring nautical linen, knit and leather tote bag by memake 

  13. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    Love memake xx

  14. Wool flannel and knit cross body bag with a flash of neon yellow leather handmade by memake

  15. Ampersand cushion - lime green and purple by memake